Stay Motivated Through the End of the Year

Top Ways to Stay Motivated

Through the End of the Year


Yup. I think I’ve said this to myself a total 20 times this past week.
(flipping of desk included)

You’re at the breaking point of where school just needs to be over, and summer needs to come now.

Let’s be real. You’ll survive till the end of the semester/quarter, but what exactly can make it a little easier?

Here are a few things I’m going to try doing to refill my motivational gas tank.

Re-assess your goals

You’re in college for a reason, right? Sometimes the day-to-day life of being busy or just plain tired can cloud both our short-term and long-term goals and ambitions. We begin to question why we’re even here. (sounds like an exaggeration, but it happens at times) For me, education is really important and I actually love learning. With all the work involved, sometimes I forget why I’m taking a class. But when I try to remind myself about my original motivation for doing something, it brings me back on my feet.

Stay Positive

The glass is half full, my friends! HALF. FULL. More than half of the year is already over! Woohoo! (Did that help a bit?) This is the last stretch, and if you really put your mind to it and all your efforts into doing the best in your classes now, the more you’ll be proud of your success and the more you’ll have reason to celebrate when the school year ends. You don’t want to have any regrets like: I should’ve studied harder in this class. Regrets are not the way to start the summer.

Enjoy your college life!

College is going to fly by so quickly, and everyone I know that is about to finish college or has recently finished will tell me to enjoy every minute (even the stressful midterm and final times) of it because you’ll miss it when it’s over. (Awww) So some of the ups, downs, and stresses of college are experiences you’ll only get to experience during your four years.

Get cheered on by the super cute motivational penguin! (My personal favorite)

C’mon. You’ve got to be even a little more motivated now.
Right? Am I right?

Motivation is different for everyone. Only you can really determine what will be best for you.  Some of these tips might not be your best motivators, and that’s okay! Share some of your motivations in the comments below because I’d love to know about them.

Stay strong & good luck!