Extracurricular Activities (When They Become “The Struggle”)

Extracurricular Activities (When They Become “The Struggle”)

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To join juggling club or to not join juggling club?
That is the question.

College is a great time to join extracurricular activities you’ve always wanted to try. But what do you do when you find yourself joining too many activities?

I didn’t realize how overwhelmed I would be feeling this quarter from academics to extracurricular activities. It can put a lot of unneeded pressure on you.
So here are some things you should consider before you start joining every club on campus.

1. Know your priorities. Determine your ultimate goal.

Not everyone shares the same priorities. While you put importance in your academics, your friend might not value it as much.  Just keep in mind what is worth most to you because at times you will get distracted and lose sight of your long-term goal. If you ultimately want to go to graduate school, for example, know that everything you do can help be a step towards that.

2. Don’t join an extracurricular you can’t time commit

Joining clubs is not just about being able to say you’re a member of something. A great member means being an active and contributing your ideas and talents to a group. If you want to make the most out of your membership, it also means you have to commit the necessary time to do so.
Before joining a club, know exactly how much time you’ll be spending on that extracurricular
If you find that you won’t be able to give that club a sufficient amount of your time, it’s not fair to them if you give them the impression you can.

3. Don’t Stress!

I’ll admit sometimes that’s it’s hard for me to follow this step. If you find yourself being overwhelmed or unhappy and exhausted with having to go to your extracurricular activities, you might have to re-asses your scheduling. Take a breather and some time to think about if you can give your all to everything you had originally committed to doing. If not, talk to people from your club and let them know what’s up. They’ll most likely be very understanding. That way, they also don’t think you’re just ditching.

Remember that there are opportunity costs in everything you do. Every time you go out to do something else, it’s time spent you could’ve used for something else, like studying for a test. (There’s a quick Economics lesson for you!)

Take a moment to really think about what would be best for your goals and, most importantly, you. The answer is NOT the same for everyone.

Find a balance while still enjoying yourself & good luck!