Find Money For School on Chegg!


We’re all about saving you time, saving you money and helping you get smarter. That’s why we’re really excited to announce scholarships on Chegg – scholarship search personalized to your academic and personal Info.

A 4-year undergraduate degree often costs over $200,000 and when financial aid doesn’t cut it what do you do? We’ve got the answer with Chegg’s scholarship search.

There are several unique features helping you navigate the nearly $2 billion in scholarships available on Chegg.

  • Personalized scholarship matches – uses your provided academic and personal information to generate a custom scholarship list
  • Smart Deadline Reminders – found a dream scholarship but can’t apply at the moment? No problem. Just save it and we’ll email you 7 days before its deadline
  • Advanced Scholarship Filtering – Only want to apply for scholarships online? We’ll only show you those with digital applications
  • Custom Search Results – You decide how you want to see your scholarships – sort them by deadline date or award amount

New scholarships are added daily so login today and check it out!